Company Director

Informed decisions based on tangible facts and timely reports. The weight of the company rests on your shoulders, Peppercan eases the burden.

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Sales & Marketing Mgr.

Keep track of  your Sales and Marketing team, monitor their activities and view their performance in real time

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Financial Director

All invoices created in time, Account Receivable under control, real time graphs of your company performance. Peppercan really simplifies your life.

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Simple and Quick Setup

Peppercan is easily set up, using a simple questionaire to configure most of the application right from the get go. Allowing you to get started easily and quickly.

No software

Peppercan is a cloud based application. No need to download, or install any specialised software. All that is required to use and run Peppercan is internet access and a web browser.

Cloud based Security

All your Data is hosted on the cloud servers, and mirrored in another location for redundancy with an additional encrypted backup online. Which allows access to your data in complete safety and security.


"As a manager, Peppercan gave me the tool I needed to establish real discipline in terms of customer database management within the company."

Antony Chapman, Pure Bliss