Peppercan CRM creator

Peppercan CRM Creator

We’ve been where you have, there’s a mountain of work to do and never enough time in the day. We built the solution for ourselves and decided we wanted to share it. Peppercan CRM that is.

Management visibility, control, transparency, collaboration and ease of use have been the guiding principles from the start of the development phase.

We paid a lot of attention to the design of the interface and scrutinised each page to ascertain its friendliness. We spent a lot of time rewriting the interface to make sure the user would feel comfortable using Peppercan and to eliminate any hesitation with each decision a user must make when entering data into Peppercan.

A user friendly interface, that is intuitive, slick and beautiful remained the top of our priorities when we did the coding of Peppercan, to ensure a quick and easy acceptance by the staff that would soon be using it.

Here are the top benefits we, and our clients, get from using the Peppercan CRM tool.

The system automates your sales force and repetitive tasks. More focus can be spent on crucial tasks and all the oversight is centralised so that it does not need to be constantly monitored.

The overview consists of performance features and task management, using KPI’s and To-do’s not only to assign tasks but measure progress.

Your Sales force will always have the ability to see their goals and progress towards them, and anything quick and important can easily be assigned and a brief notification of the task will be mailed to your employee.

Notes and data about projects and Customers can be easily accessed right by the contact, letting you see what has been already communicated to the client, using either message system, virtual meeting rooms, or simply the mail system in the contact management.

All of this Data is secured on the remote cloud, so not only is it available on any computer in your office or remotely, it is managed by a security company. Keeping your data accessible to you and your staff from anywhere and safe from intrusion or potential damage to your office.

Feature review:

  • User friendly dashboard facilitating management of KPIs, tasks and project collaboration.
  • Multiple language capabilities on an individual user level
  • Affordable SaaS solution with full security features guaranteeing safety and security of data
  • Easy import and export of Data by administrator avoids being “locked in by the supplier”
  • Full user training manuals and 24 hour technical support by email
  • Software hosted on our dedicated server or your private cloud, fast and reliable

High impact Dashboard

Our Dashboard feature allows a real time reporting of all your company’s pressing business. Every user can use the dashboard to track the progress of all projects they are in involved in and management can use it to track overall company’s activities and monitor employee performance. Read More

Not just software, but Services

Peppercan is built on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, this means it’s designed to give you everything you need in one application, accessible at all times from anywhere in the world. We believe that SaaS is a great methodology and we are proud to bring this forward-thinking approach to our customers.

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To operate to the best of their ability, every company needs to be able to count on its staff, it’s management, and particularly the software that forms it’s informational backbone. Peppercan is extremely reliable and we take great lengths to make sure it will always support your business as you need it to.

Secure your information

Security is a major concern in any field. SafeComs is a company built around the idea of securing the vital information that a company has. We have been doing it since the beginning, this means that we know what we’re doing, and that we approach any problem with security at the fore-front of our minds.

 What can Peppercan do for you?