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Bernard Collin, CEO Safecoms and Peppercan

Bernard Collin, CEO

Peppercan inception.

Peppercan was born out of necessity. We needed a system to manage our business, and move away from the cumbersome combination of Outlook, Excel and Words…

We surveyed the market and all the available tools at the time, however none would fit our needs. The main concern we had was the lengthy process and complexity to set-up, and then to train the users. We did not think the available tools at the time were flexible enough to let a small company embark on such a daunting task.

We had however the same needs as larger organisations, and to facilitate our growth, we needed an easy solution.

Our first issue was to assist our quotation in an intelligent manner. Combining difficult products and services, creating packages and supplying the correct versions or everything was a real challenge. We needed a tool that would allow even an inexperienced person to create a clear and professional looking quote, without any mistakes and will all the required parts and elements. This become the center of our CRM.

We quickly realised that if we made serious progress in Sales, Finance was still suffering from the “retype it many times” syndrome, together with its high risk of typos. Why did we need to retype anything when it was already in the system? So invoicing came second, with its suite of reports, VAT, WHT etc…

By Then, we had all our products and customers in the system, so it would be easy to record activities, conversations and emails that we exchanged with them, and before any call or visit, we could easily refresh our mind and be prepared to follow up on the previous conversation. Anyone picking up a call in the office or on the road would instantly be aware of the latest notes or comments. Adding to this a clear ToDo list and methodology, based on the famous “Getting things done” from David Allen, we started to build a nice database of information and a great workflow.

Adding to our suite a Project Collaboration system similar in functionalities as BaseCamp, and emailing capabilities of a powerful Marketing tool, we had in hand a great management methodology supported by an efficient suite of integrated tools.

This is when our customers started asking us if they could have our tools for their own business, and we recreated the whole suite in a Cloud environment making each section fully tailorable to each company, and Peppercan was Born…

What does Peppercan do for your business?

A global overview of all of your, and your employee’s activities on:

  • High quality and quantity prospects
  • Personal and business goals
  • The sales Pipeline of your Sales team
  • Company and personally defined KPI’s
  • Strategic information about your clients and partners

You will be able to:

  • Discover new sources of Revenue
  • Put in place new business strategies
  • Develop your companies activities
  • Increase the autonomy of your divisions
  • Track trends and identify anomalies
  • Optimise co-operation and efficiency of your sales team
  • Disseminate information quickly and efficiently
  • Reinforce your market shares
  • Increase your turnover through analysis and planning tools