Finance Director

Antony Chapman, Finance Director

Antony Chapman, Finance Director

Processes simplified and streamlined

In our department, a quick survey showed that the same numbers were retyped up to 7 times in the various reports and communications internally and with our customers. I suggest you test this yourself in your company !

Between the proposal, the order confirmation to the client, the internal purchase order, the invoice, the tax invoice or receipt, the VAT report, the WHT report… it quickly adds up, and so does the risk of error and the time wasted chasing them.

With Peppercan, our prices, purchase and labor costs, margin are all in the system. Preparing an offer is just a tick on a box and a quantity to enter, from there all the other documents will be generated automatically without any mistake. Reports are available in real time, no waiting for end of month closing or departments consolidations.

What will Peppercan do for you?

  • Specific Financial and quotation tracking modules
  • The ability to use multiple currencies and VAT rates
  • Full access to all quotes and proposals by the sales team

You will be able to manage various aspects of operational costs through:

  • A complete understanding of the sales process
  • Intergrated accounting and processes (Quoting, Billing, Receipts and recalls.)
  • A comprehensive list of Products and Services. That will track their costs, revenue and margins. Also giving the ability to create packages to assist the Sales team the best quotation
  • Mastering pricing across currencies and varied VAT rates
  • Managing maintenance contracts