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Monitoring Salesforce Performances

When it comes to seeing results in a Sales Department, it is always a perfectly synchronized image of the activity of the Sales staff.

Monitoring their level of activity in area deemed critical for your sales performance is extremely easy with Peppercan. At first you set up the Key Performance Indicators of your staff, ie number of new contacts you expect, number of sales calls they must achieve, cold calling activities, customer visits, quotes etc… And you see their results in real time, each day.

An easy color system on our monitoring graph lets you see who is on target (green), who is lagging behind (orange) and who needs serious coaching (red). A click of a mouse and you drill down in the details of each call or visit, to explore which customer was targeted and what was the result of the call.

Managing Marketing activities is as easy

Preparing your marketing campaign, delivering email to pre defined target, maintaining close contact with your prospects and database is a breeze with the emailer from Peppercan. Beautifully crafted HTML messages, each of them sent individually with an impartial test of the SPAM level, remove the risk of ending in the SPAM filter, and maximise your chances of landing on the right screen and being red by a real prospect.

Attaching PDF or images won’t penalise your server as all is downloaded only when the client receives and read the email. Controlling who read your email, who went on your website, and test call for actions, all this is facilitated through Peppercan marketing module.

What does Peppercan do for your business?

A comprehensive overview of your Customers, Email and Marketing Campaigns, Collaborative Projects and all Sales Activities:

  • Complete access from any Internet connection in the world
  • Powerful communication and tracking tools for all sales-related activities
  • A powerful eMail Marketing tool that is fully integrated with your customer data
  • Management of multiple mailing list and a library of personalized and customizable templates for mailing campaigns
  • Virtual meeting rooms and personalized information handling using your own Tags
  • A customizable dashboard with easily shared up to date information
  • A tool that is 100% web based, that tracks your sales performance in real time.
  • Business Monitoring and Forecasting tools

With Peppercan, you will be able to

  • Share all marketing materials and tools with your sales team
  • Carefully target your marketing campaigns and increase the profitability of each one
  • Define and manage your business operations
  • Manage customers, prospects and opportunities
  • Plan upcoming marketing activities (trade shows, email campaigns and telesales)
  • Take control of commercial activities and grow your sales
  • Manage your sales team relative to business opportunities
  • Monitor the conversion rate of potential clients

Peppercan helps your sales team to:

  • Better manage their time and act efficiently
  • Access crucial data from anywhere at any time
  • Better analyze, plan and execute sales activities
  • Share their Calendar
  • Access details of clients, contacts and activities
  • Manage their own performance