What is Peppercan?

How can Peppercan help you?

Why should you choose Peppercan?

What does it cost?

My current software is doing the job. Why should I consider switching to Peppercan?

How can you guarantee data security?

How many levels of authority does Peppercan have?

What if my Internet connection is too slow?

Can I get Peppercan in my local language?

Can I use Peppercan on my mobile phone?

How many customer contacts can I have?

How much training do I need to start using Peppercan?

What support do you offer?

Are there any specific applications or hardware I need to have before I can use Peppercan?

If my company is using another application at the moment, can we transfer all our data to Peppercan?

What happens if your company goes out of business or suffers some catastrophe like a fire or a terrorist attack?
Where is my data and how do I get it back?