Real time dashboard for KPI tracking

Peppercan’s dashboard provides a real-time overview of your company’s activities. The Dashboard report displays snapshots of KPIs such as new sales orders, monthly calls and past performances. You can now see all the opportunities and status of a given contact. Sales forecast and pipeline is now brought directly to your computer. The dashboard also helps you track lead times and conversion rates through all stages of sales process. Managers have now more time to monitor their budget.

Tracking my KPIs

Dashboards are customizable for each employee in your company, allowing you to maximize productivity across your entire organization. Managers can freely modify what they want to follow,such as performance review, keep employees aware of their personal status and give measurable goals. Your KPI view shows both goals and your expected pipeline of sales as well as standard sales process times compared to your own time from estimating sales volume to quotation and closing the sale.