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Should you invest in our product?

Peppercan is truly a powerful  CRM and collaboration tool for all stakeholders in the company. Not only does it provide value to the business itself (i.e. increased efficiency and better management of direction), it also provides a platform that enables authorized suppliers, customers, staff members to engage in the company’s activities. Ideally, we will have a better transparency via a collection of intelligence necessary to run its operations in a way that is in line with the best interest and wishes of all stake holders.

Market Potential

Safecoms believes that the market potential for Peppercan CRM is near limitless. In terms of the product’s benefits, small business owners and managers’ level now have just the right tool to oversee their entire operation and gain control over it at an affordable price. In contrast to other similar products available in the market we have tested, Peppercan emphasizes on an aspect of its user-friendliness, which still lacks out there. We believe our target market of small to mid markets users see to this aspect in their top priority.

In additions, our “on-demand” business tool has a high tendency to tap into the market due to changes in customers’ trends. According to software watches, top industry experts predict a market shift in customers’ trends from a traditional “on-premise solution” to an “on-demand base.” By 2011, 25% of new business software is believed to be delivered by SaaS, and hitting a total market value of roughly $16 billion by 2013. Even though the competition is rather fierce with top players such as Microsoft and Oracle jumped into small to mid markets, we believe there are still rooms for small vendor to play throughout the globe.

At this stage, we set an aim for about several 100s of millions of USD for even capturing a very small market share of this business.

What is our business model?

The business concept of SafeComs for Peppercan is a SaaS solution, I.e. a hosted service on a subscription basis, where selected qualified re-sellers (mainly service providers) in their own right, owns the End-customer relationship and earns the revenue as a percentage of the monthly fees and installation fees charged at the end customers. For examples, accounting firms, management, HR or strategy consultants

Safecoms would be responsible for providing all technical and hosting support as well as develop marketing and sales collateral. Not to mention continuous development of the product and user manuals.

We invite you to simply contact us if you are interested in getting to know how we can develop a fruitful business partnership together!