Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a recent software development methodology that emphasizes practicality and universal delivery.

The goal of SaaS is to unify technology so that it can provide a set of essential services that work fluidly between all the different parts of an application with the lowest cost and requirements possible.

How does SaaS achieve this?

SaaS applications are run on an internet-accessible server, storing all of it’s parts on this server which means the information is centralized and accessible by all parts of the application.

Because SaaS applications are internet based applications all that is required to operate these complex and powerful applications is an internet browser, this allows entire companies to use the software without needing to install any kind of additional software or hardware on the client machines, and even means that the application is accessible from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, any company using an SaaS application needs only to purchase user accounts, and not cryptic, expensive licenses for software which must be installed locally.

Additonally, because SaaS applications run from only their designed server(s), any updates made to the software only ever need to be applied to that application for all users to benefit instantly.

How do SaaS applications help productivity?

By providing the lowest possible set of requirements, SaaS applications allow it’s users the least amount of downtime possible and reduces the myryad problems faced by companies that relate to the purchasing and installing of third party applications and eliminates the need for engineers to have to repair, upgrade or reinstall machines periodically.

Also, because SaaS applications are accessible world-wide, any member of a business who needs to leave the office for work reasons can still access the system and perform their daily necessary functions without being hindered.

Finally, Peppercan has not only been built around the SaaS philosophy, but also is designed to replace current third-party applications that:

  • constantly fragment vital information, causing mis-information
  • increase the amount of time needed due to multi-tasking, and
  • require a great deal of administration

What about security?

Because SaaS applications run from a centralised server, it is imperative that this server, the flow of information coming in and going out and the application itself are secure.

Using the very best of internet technology, Peppercan has echelons of security every step of the way that make sure that your data is protected from any kind of malicious attack.

The protection of your data begins within the application itself, ensuring that users have distinct, and recognisable, levels of authority over the data it contains, continues on through the security protocols on each part of the software the server requires and ends with secure, encrypted lines of communication between your application and you.

What if something goes wrong?

SafeComs is a company that has helped others deal with software and hardware outtages through a number of strategies and, as such, we are well versed in the ways of making sure your application is always available to you.

Firstly, the software application’s server always runs with a redundant server by it’s side, keeping copies of your application data that are constantly kept up to date so that in the case of any kind of physical malfunction, we are still able to provide you with your application with no down time experienced by you.

Secondly, all servers are stored and operated according to strict guidelines which ensure that the possibility of server faults are kept to a minimum, this includes safety-conscious cabling and storage as well as redundant power supplies that keep the server working and accessible even if their storage center sufferes from a rare power outtage.

Lastly, all servers are configured to have a main pipeline to access the internet, but, in the event of an internet failure, the servers immediately begin to use our secondary internet line which is hosted by a different provider than the first, making sure that we have as constant as possible internet connectivity.

We hope you agree that at SafeComs, we hope for the best, but plan for the worst.