Peppercan Cloud CRM Emailer

The mass eMailer is a tool that allows direct, semi-automated and efficient communication between yourself and your customers from your user friendly Cloud CRM.

It is necessary for businesses to communicate with their customers and prospects to establish strong business relationships. The Cloud CRM mass eMailer tool makes this process simple and efficient by giving you the freedom to create as many email marketing campaigns targeting the right number of clients and prospects inside your project.

Combining this with email marketing personalization and scheduling makes it a very useful and powerful email marketing tool, allowing you to keep your customers in the loop and informed while demanding as little of your time.

Thanks to Peppercan Cloud CRM and its marketing tool you will expand new sales channels, increase brand exposure and customer loyalty.

Mass Emailer Features:

  • Automated Cloud CRM marketing campaign manager
  • Unlimited message personalization
  • Unlimited email lists & subscribers
  • The ability to create mailing lists from your existing contact database at the touch of a button.
  • Build your own templates with the built-in editor and attract readers by using rich content such as pictures or animations.
  • Advanced scheduling options allow you to “set and forget” email campaigns and let them run their course without your constant attention.
  • Automate simple follow up emails to keep you and your clientís relationship consistently smooth.
  • Remote access from any web browser