Quotation system

Better Salesforce automation with our Quotation system

PepperCan has a system built into it for the purposes of quoting and invoicing that is extendable and that will help your business to operate more smoothly and more quickly.

The quoting system allows you to build an inventory of products or services within its database for you to sell, enabling your sales staff to be able to quickly consult PepperCan to find out all the information they need about a product, as well as it’s costs and any ongoing duties. Furthermore, the quoting system also allows you to build the inventory system with flexible products. Whereby you attach questions to these products, such as “How many users will have access to this system?”, which will give you responses dynamically according to the answers your sales team provides, giving you the tools with which to keep a list of scalable services with correct and scalable prices that you can quickly access, maintain and use with your customers for increased visibility over what you sell and which makes sales more understandable and manageable.

Each product can have as many questions as you feel it needs to, and there is no limit to what the question may be, that way, you can itemise a product for your sale with as many contingents as it will need and easily be able to keep track of the requirements of delivery for each varying situation, because no two customers are the same, but keeping track of their needs manually can be difficult and time consuming, that is, without PepperCan.

Once services and products have been decided, you can easily attach the invoice to a customer for record-keeping purposes and PepperCan will keep track of that for you, allowing the information to be used in other parts of the application, such as the Finance module, but, PepperCan will also store the invoice and all it’s details and allow you to easily generate a PDF file from that invoice to print off or send to your customer, freeing your staff’s time from laborious re-writing of invoices and allowing for little-to-no miscommunications between your sales and invoicing departments.