salesforce management tool

Manage your salesforce in real time with our Cloud CRM.

Peppercan is a powerful suite of enterprise management tools, aimed at helping business managers drive their businesses on a daily basis. Packed in a user friendly Cloud CRM. It enables the collaboration between all stakeholders, internally as well as authorized external stakeholders.

Peppercan allows the sharing of critical information, feedback on your salesforce and market trends. This helps drive not only day to day operations but also long term improvements and strategic moves.

High impact Dashboard

Our Dashboard feature allows a real time reporting of all your company’s pressing business. Every user can use the dashboard to track the progress of all projects they are in involved in and management can use it to track overall company’s activities and monitor employee performance.


To operate to the best of their ability, every company needs to be able to count on its staff, it’s management, and particularly the software that forms it’s informational backbone. Peppercan is extremely reliable and we take great lengths to make sure it will always support your business as you need it to.

Not just software, but Services

Peppercan is built on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, this means it’s designed to give you everything you need in one application, accessible at all times from anywhere in the world. We believe that SaaS is a great methodology and we are proud to bring this forward-thinking approach to our customers.

Secure your information

Security is a major concern in any field. SafeComs is a company built around the idea of securing the vital information that a company has. We have been doing it since the beginning, this means that we know what we’re doing, and that we approach any problem with security at the fore-front of our minds.